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Hey all,

I’m doing a 2 in 1 in this blog today, reviewing the ‘HP all in one printer’ and a cute, cheap homeware DIY I made using it.


I got this printer a couple of months ago as a birthday present so I could print off all my pictures I have of the kids. It’s good quality and as it’s all in one I’ve found it really handy, also it’s quite small so I can fit it on my shelf really nicely.

First thoughts – I had never heard anything about this printer so wasn’t sure how it worked or what it would be like. Luckily It came with a manual which was fairly easy to read so setting it up was really easy. You have to download an app on your phone, you pretty much use that to get it going. It’s got WIFI so you can print straight off your phone which is good because i’m awful for loosing wires. The ink cartridges are tiny so I wasn’t sure if they would last very long, I’ve printed off quite a lot of pictures and there’s still ink left, if you was to print like 50+ pictures it would probably run out. I’ve printed around 20ish colour pictures and the colour ink is almost all gone.

what does it do? –  I think it’s really good how much this printer does for £50. It prints, scans, copies and connects to the web. however, Printing off your phone can be really annoying, iv’e had a lot of trouble with it. Every time I’ve selected more than one photo to print off it’s been fine printing the first then the 2nd it always says error then stops printing half way through the picture.

Also, The picture is always printed smaller than the size of the paper, so there’s like a white block under every photo which looks awful in the frames. It’s extremley slow at printing aswell. The quality of the photo’s though are really good, I’ve used a few printers that make the picture looks quite blurry or strech the picture out to much, but the print is amazing quality. Scanning is amazing, you put whatever it is you want to scan in, press the button then picture/ document comes up on your phone so you can save it or email it and that is really quick and easy to do. I haven’t managed to print anything off the internet, it always comes back saying error in printing which is a shame.


  • Decent size, not too big, fits in small places, easy to put away when you’re not using it.
  • I love that it connects to wifi so you can just print a picture straight from your phone.
  • The quality of the print is amazing.
  • Scanning is so quick and easy.


  • Takes a long time to print off a picture, if you wanted to print a lot in one go you would be there a long time.
  • The print doesn’t fill the piece of paper so looks quite messy if you want to put the picture in a frame and on display.
  • It sometimes takes ages to connect to the app, that may be the apps fault though.

overall thoughts

Overall for £50 I think it’s definitly worth it, it does what it says on the tin. Everything comes out in good quality. So for me it’s very useful and I’d definitly recommend getting yourself one.


Okay, now to the fun bit. I decided the other day that my bedroom just looked so bare and boring, I hate bare walls, just doesnt feel homely. I’d seen some pictures online and I just couldnt bring myself to spending £10 for each picture as I wanted to be able to have a couple spread out, so I thought I’d try and be creative and make my own. Also, everyone loves a bit of money saving!!

I wanted to have something that sort of had a theme not a load of random pictures or quotes so I thought I’d do lines out of a song. I think every couple has ‘their song’ mine and my partners is Ed Sheeran ‘Thinking out loud’ so I took a couple of lines out of that which would work for the bedroom.

So heres what I done:

I wrote each line I wanted to use in a chosen font, the lines I chose to use were, “kiss me under the light of a thousand stars”, “place your head on my beating heart” and “take me into your loving arms”. I thought these really worked for the bedroom. Then for above the bed i wanted something a bit bigger so I done ‘V’ ‘&’ ‘C’. Once I had found the right font I saved it to my phone as a picture then put paper into the printer and printed them off. The 3 song quotes I done on 7×5 printing paper and the initials I done A4. Now I just need to get some frames to put them in and then I will hang them up.

I haven’t been able to get the frames yet because I can not for the life of me find any frames that I like, but once I do I will post a picture to my instagram.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and I have inspired you to make your own pictures.

It’s so easy anyone can do it.

I’m going to be posting another DIY I do soon, this is one I done with the kids so keep an eye out for that.

Let me know if you have tried the HP all in one printer and how you got along with it.


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  1. That printer is so cute! Glad it works well for you(: Printers that hook up to wifi are so helpful. I love the quotes you chose for your bedroom and how the prints turned out! Hope you get some nice frames for them soon xx

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