Evening Routine


Hey all,
I feel like it’s so important for everyone to have that little bit of time to yourself to just unwind from a hard down or chill out. It’s not just stay at home mums that need that time to them selves everyone needs to be able to relax in there own way, wether you work full time, you’re a student or go to school, a mum or a dad. Everyone has there own way of doing that it.
So, I thought I’d share with you my evening routine and what I do to relax from a long day of screaming kids. This isn’t my everyday evening routine this is what I do when I’m home alone and my partner is at work because it’s so quiet and I have time to just relax.
So let’s get into it!
At around 6pm we would have not long finished dinner so I give the kids a bath, they love having a good splash. Most of the time there ends up being more water on the floor than in the bath though. Once they get out the bath I dry them off get them into their nappies and pj’s (they don’t always wear pj’s though because they get so hot in the night they end up taking them off anyway). Then we put The Simpsons on and they have a bit of chill time to calm down before bed.
7pm the kids go to bed, so I make them a bottle of milk and put them into bed. As soon as they are settled in bed I will get the housework done that needs doing, so I clean up the kitchen if I haven’t got round to it after dinner, clean the bathroom after their bath, put washing in if that needs to be done and will Hoover and steam the floors if I haven’t done that already in the day.
Once all the housework is done I usually get quite hot and sweaty so I will jump in a hot shower and spend a good amount of time just relaxing, I like to have music on when I’m in the shower, I usually just listen to the radio. Once I’ve washed my hair and body I like to expoliate my legs, I do this because I’m really pale so I get little red spots over my legs (strawberry legs) so I feel like this helps clean out the pores in my legs. I also expoliate my face, I like to use the ‘Clean and Clear’. Image-4
When I finally get out the shower I brush my teeth and then I will go into my bedroom and put a good moisturiser on my legs, I like to use a body butter. Image-2
I then put a comfy pair of pj’s on, grab a hair brush and then I will go and put on ‘Hollyoaks’ and chill out while I brush my hair. I always use the ‘Andrew Barton full on volume’ spray in my hair when I’m trying to brush it. Image-1
Because I’ve died my hair so many times it can get quite hard to brush but this is literally amazing, I don’t think it’s meant as a tangle teasing spray, but it works wonders for my hair.
Once I’ve finished watching ‘Hollyoaks’ and my hairs all brushed I like to put on a nice face mask. Image-3
I’ve been using this heating face mask which is so weird but I love it. It’s just a Superdrug Brand one, called sugar and spice, it says it’s a clay but I found it really running and it didn’t dry on my face it stayed sticky. It literally looks like caramel though. The smell is really nice, it smells like cinnamon reminds me of autumn winter smells. It says that it opens your pores and brightens your complexion leaving your skin silky smooth and honestly I could see all my pores opening up it was so strange and my skin definity felt soft after using it, I’d recommend it. It’s such a strange experience but so relaxing because of how warm it is on your face. Once I’ve washed it off I like to use my ‘Nip+Fab’ moisturiser.
Around 9pm I will go and check on the kids make sure they are tucked up and asleep. I then like to go and make a cup of tea, get comfy on the sofa and put on the soaps, ‘Masterchef Australia’ or any other programmes that have been on. I will have a scroll through social media, and read people’s blogs, then go onto my blog and do some planning or write up a blog post.
After all the programmes have finished and I’m finished with the blog I will chill out watching YouTube videos, I’m loving watching vlogs At the moment and beauty reviews.
Around 11pm if my partner isn’t home I will clear up the lounge and put the dishwasher on, and go to bed. I usually end up putting the tv on so I feel less lonely and I will lay in bed on my phone or watching tv until I’m tired. Eventually I end up dropping off. I do usually try to stay awake until my partner is home from work but usually I’m way to tired.
So that was my evening routine of how I chill out and unwind from a long day.
I hope you enjoyed, let me know how you chill out in the evening.

2 Replies to “Evening Routine”

  1. Great post! I love throwing on a face mask and taking a bubble bath when I have some time to myself! If I’m feeling really stressed, I may light a candle and give myself a mani/pedi while watching my favorite rom-com! Thanks for sharing! xo

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