Homeware DIY #2

Hey lovelies,
I’m back with another DIY. This is one for you to do with your kids. It was great fun and my kids absolutely loved it and it turned out so good.
My 2 love painting, but they are 3 and under so we end up with a bit of a colourful wet piece of ‘art’ which takes years to dry. So I decided to do there hand prints. My daughter loved it where as my son was a bit hesitant and screamed, he’s a bit funny with having stuff over his hands. Once he saw his hand print he decided to put his hand in all the paint and loved it.
I love keeping EVERYTHING my kids make I hate throwing anything they make but something’s they make you just can’t keep. I wanted to frame one of their pictures and I had a brilliant idea.
So let’s get into the DIY…
You may have read my other DIY if you haven’t I will link it at the bottom. But in that DIY I also done a review of the ‘HP all in one printer’ for this DIY you will need this printer or a scanner printer, either will work.
1. Get any sort of paint you want, colour or black. Then get your kids to do hand prints onto a piece of paper, make sure they do their prints in a good place not over lapping and obviously you want to make sure the print looks good and not smudged.
2. Leave out to dry. Once it’s dried you want to write a little caption or anything you want on it. I wrote ‘sibling love’.
3. This is where you need your scanner or printer. So with the hp printer all you need to do is go on to the app, click scan, put your piece of paper in the scanner part (it’s the big white section in the middle on top). Once you’ve put the paper in, press the scan button on your phone and the print will end up on your phone.
4. You now want to save the photo into your pictures on your phone and you can put a filter on if you like, I made mine grayscale. Make sure the picture is saved onto your phone.
5. Now all you need to do now is put the right size photo paper into the printer that you want to use. Go onto the printing app and select the picture. Make sure that it’s going to print the right size etc and print it off.
6. Your print will now be finished and ready to put into a photo frame.
I hope you liked this DIY. let me know if you try it out for your self. I love how easy it was and how precious it is. I love keep sakes especially when they are so cheap and simple to do and also great time spending with your children. We had such a laugh painting, the kids loved it and sat there for ages painting pictures.
Have a good day!!
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