I got my first Birchbox

Hey lovelies,

I’m so excited for this blog, I literally couldn’t wait to write it up.

So, I have seen a lot of stuff about the Birchbox over the last couple of years and I finally decided I wanted to try it out and see what it was like. So my lovely mum has said she will pay for it for me because I don’t live with her anymore, which was so nice of her.

This is basically going to be my first opinions and review of the products I recieved in the box.

What is Birchbox?

Birchbox is the UK’s number 1 beauty box. It is a monthly subscription of £10 and every monthy you get sent a box of 5 product samples and one full size product. You can update your profile so tell them what your skin type is like, etc. Although it’s a subscription you can cancel for free at any time. There’s a couple of choices, you can pay monthly for £10, Every 3 months for £30, Every 6 months for £60 or yearly for £110 plus £2.95 delivery.

What made me want to purchase it?

I had seen a lot about it and thought it would be expensive or there would be a catch so I kept being put off it. I decided begining on August to just have a look at their website and see what it was like. As soon as i saw it was a no commitment subscription and you can cancel at any time I was a lot more interested. So I text my mum to see if she’d pay for it for me. She eventually said yes. So I ordered it.

Ordering Process

Ordering was so quick and easy to do, there was a code that I used to get 2 free girfts for signing up. I got the Spectrum sponge and a nail varnish FOR FREE! Once I’d ordered I went onto my profile and updated all the information about myself so that they could make sure they sent me products that would work for my skin colour and type etc.

First opinions

I love how quickly it was delivered, literally 3 days I think it took to get to me, considering it said on the website it could be upto 6 days, so that made me very happy. I had seen a few pictures of the box on peoples Instagram’s and I saw an unboxing video on Youtube. For some reason I thought the box would be more like A4 size, just because that’s what it looked like in pictures. So when it arrived I was a bit confused, I thought I must have ordered the wrong thing, So I went straight onto a youtube video and saw it was the right size. The box is literally so pretty, it is like a blue mermaid print, I love it. The box is about A5 size if you was wondering. First opinions opening the box, I was very happy, all of the products where in really good condition and nothing was scratched or broken. I know a lot of people worry about that when you order online. All the products where really neatly packed in. I was very happy at what I had recieved.

What do you get?

I got 7 items because I got 2 free but usually you would recieve 5 items in your box. You also get a little booklet that tells you all about the products you have recieved and what the retail price is for the full sized product.

In my box I got…

Spectrum wonder sponge –  I was so happy when I saw this, I’ve been wanting it for ages but it’s always been sold out. The sponge retails for around £4.99 in most places online. If you don’t know what the wonder sponge is, it’s a latex free sponge for applying liquid, cream or mineral based products. It is also Vegan and cruelty free.

Review- It came in a really cute little ziplock bag which tells you how to use it on the back. First off I soaked it in water until it doubled in size, It grew really fast. Using it on my face it was really bouncy but it still felt quite dense and a little hard on my face. It took a lot of effort to blend my foundation out and it absorbed a lot of the product. However, it gave me a flawless complextion. Cleaning it was really easy, just used a bit of baby shampoo and it was good as new. I have noticed since I washed it, it does feel a lot nicer on the face and not as hard.

SebaMed Mattifying cream- This cream is a sample, the full size product retails at £5.69. This is actaully a Birchbox Exclusive, ooo. So I have never actually heard of this so I was really intrigued to see what it was and if it was good. Sebamed clear face mattifying cream is a lotion that contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to hydrate your skin and also maintain a healthy pH level of 5.5 and gives a shine free skin. It basically helps control the sebumn prouction and helps to prevent skin impurities. It also helps recude the oily shine.

Review- It’s a thin white cream and it has quite a nice smell. As soon as I rubbed it onto my face it felt like a serum, It was quite cooling on the skin, the more I rubbed it into the skin it started to just feel like water on my face. So lightweight. At first my face looked quite wet and a little oily and with in about 5 seconds it was completly dry and my face was really smooth and matte.

LOC One and done eyeshadow stick- This was also a Birchbox exclusive. It came in either Out of your shell, which is like a light shimmer champagne colour or Rock steady which is more of a shimmer brown colour. Did I mention this came as a full size product. How good is that. So this retails at £8. So this claims to deliver upto 11 hours of creasless, waterproof colour. You don’t need primers or brushes, so it would be great for on the go.

Review- I honestly hadn’t heard of this company and I’ve never been a big fan of eye shadow pencils, but I actually really like it. It’s so pigmented and dries so fast. I had a little trouble blending, because it dried so fast i had to rub quite hard with my finger. Once it was blended it looked really nice though. Really quick smokey eye with barely any effort. It applies really easily, you don’t have to barely touch the eye and so much pigment comes off. Plus it’s smudge proof. I love it.

Oribe Apres beach wave & shine spray- This came as a sample size and retails from £20. So this is basically a salt water spray WITHOUT the salt water. It contains wheat protein and sunflower seed oil to soften strands and add gloss but also give you a wavy beach ready texture.

Review– I’ve used a lot of salt water texture sprays and never really got on with them, I’ve always found them to make my hair feel crispy. So i was a bit reluctant to try this out. The smell is amazing. Honestly as soon as i sprayed it onto my hair, my hair did feel quite sticky, but i left it to dry. Once it dried my hair was actually really glossy looking, smelt amazing and didnt feel crispy. I didn’t feel like it gave me much texture though. I crimped my hair with my hands to try and help give it a bit of texture and that worked a little bit. I’m not sure I love the product but i’m going to try it out a couple more times to see what I think.

Merci handy anti-bacterial hand gel- I recieved this in full size, it is a really small bottle (30ml) this retails at £2.90. This is basically just a cute little hand gel thats packed with vitamins to hydrate and nourish your hands. This is great to just chuck in your bag, especially if you have children.

Review- You can’t go wrong with a nice little hand gel, I love using them. Plus they make your hands smell really nce. The hand gel I recieved was the blue one called new Wave. I love how it has like little bits of glitter in, It was so strange though, when you rub it into your hands the glitter literally absorbs into your skin. The smell is so good, it reminds me of something from my childhood but have no idea what.

Nails Inc NailKale- This is the other free item I recieved, it retails at aroung £15. It’s the first superfood nail range. It’s made with kale extract for strong healthy nails.

Review– I recieved this in the colour ‘castle lane’ it’s a really pretty pink colour and really pigmented. I’ve had a lot of nail varnishes this colour and found them really transparent so you need about 5 layers, but this was great, I only done 1 layer and looked lovely. It was really easy to apply and was fast drying. My only issue was that the bottle was actually broken I had to take the silver top off so I could open it as it was just spinning around. Which was a shame. Lovely product though.


Spectrum A05 brush– I was so excited about this. These brushes have been so popular recently I’ve been dying to try them out, the whole set retails at £59.99. I got to choose the colour brush, Glam clam or Bomb shell. I went for the pink one which i think is Bomb shell. It claims to make light work of your make up and can be used for highlighter, setting powder or bronzer. It has a precisley shaped tip and tapered bristles.

Review– I did have high hopes for this brush as I have heard so much about the collection. My first thoughts were that the brush was really soft and so pretty. It picked up a lot of product and applies smoothly. Because it was really soft I was worried it would be hard to blend out my bronzer, but it blended so effortlessly and looked so flawless. I did find it wasn’t very good at applying my highlighter, I found it didn’t pick up much of the product and what it did pick up ended up making my highlighter cover my whole cheek as the brush was too big. So I will only be using it for bronzer/contour.

Is it worth it?

Honestly, I think it is so worth it, obviously this is only my first box but I think it’s so good. £10 for all these goodies to try out, I did’nt know a few of these companies and hadn’t tried anything that I recieved so it was great to be able to try out lots of new products. Plus who doesn’t love a delivery full of goodies every month.

What are the benefits?

When you become a subscriber You get …

10% off the products you recieve in your box

Choose a product or your box deisgn every month

FREE shop delivery when you review your box

£5 voucher when you refer a friend

Early access to the limited edition boxes

and a special birthday offer

After 6 months you will become a Birchbox VIP which means you will also recieve…

First chance to choose your product or box design

and 15% off EVERYTHING in the Birchbox shop.

So it’s a great thing to be a part of if you love beauty products!

If you are interested in signing up you can recieve 50% off your first box,

just click here for 50% off and enter the code shown at the check out!

*DISCLAIMER: all opinions are my own, this is not sponsored*

Hope you enjoyed!!

I’ve decided to start blogging 3 times a week,  I’m going to start posting blogs on Tuesday and Thursday at 11am and Saturdays at 6pm.



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      1. I know it’s such a shame, I’m looking at glossy box at the moment that looks promising! Such a good idea though these subscription boxes, I know I could never afford products over £50 that’s for sure😂


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