1st day of Pre School

So yesterday (Monday 4th September) was the day I’ve been dreading for a couple of weeks now. My 3 year old’s first day of pre-school. I’ve never had any strangers look after her only family or close friends, so her going to pre school was a big thing for me. I guess I’ve just been worried about people looking after her for 3 hours that know nothing about her. But she has to go and I know it will really benefit her.

Even though it’s a big day for me, It’s an even bigger day for her so I wanted to make her feel special. On Sunday, we went to the shops and she chose her new shoes and I let her pick out a few other little treats, she chose a water bottle and her own hair brush. She had the biggest smile on her face walking out the shop. We then went for a cheeky McDonalds. She was given a helium balloon so when we got outside she decided to let it go so she could watch it fly. It was so nice seeing her so happy and excited for her new adventure.


Monday 4th September 2017

I woke up at 7am to my 1 year old calling for me, not long after my little girl was up, we went into the lounge and I got them their morning milk and popped on the TV. I started talking to her about her going to pre school today and she was very excited, she loves playing with other children. We got some breakfast and then she went for a shower. Once she was out she insisted on putting her uniform on, she was so happy and very hyper running around. We Facetimed her Grandma and Grandad so she could show them her uniform.

10am I started to get myself and son ready, I put on a film so we could chill out for a bit and all have cuddles, however, cuddles didn’t happen. She was way too excited. I got all her stuff sorted into her bag, got her shoes and coat out ready for her to put on.

11.30am we were already to leave and off we went. She was so happy skipping and laughing and there was me putting on a smile but inside I just wanted to cry. We got there just before 12. She found her name under her peg and hung her stuff up and off she ran into the room. I didn’t even get a hug good bye she just shouted bye as she was wondering off. I felt so calm and reassured that she settled in okay and didn’t latch onto me like some children were doing.

We walked home, Just me, my partner and little boy. It felt so weird her not being there. When we got back I made my little boys lunch, then he went for a nap. While he was napping me and my partner just sat and watched ‘The X Factor’. It was so nice to be able to spend that little bit of time just us two, I don’t remember the last time that happened in the day time. It felt so nice to be able to do that and chill out, I still felt really tense I kept wanting to ring up the nursery to see if she was okay, but I resisted. I think if she hadn’t have settled I would have rang up.

2.40pm it was time to leave to go pick her up, I couldn’t leave quick enough. I was walking so fast, I was pretty much sprinting. When I walked in to pick her up, she looked over and gave me a smile, put the baby down and ran over and gave me the nicest hug ever. Her key person (the woman that looks after her) told me what she had been doing and I got given some pictures of her that they had taken throughout the day. It was lovely. She was so happy, but so tired, she could barely keep her eyes open on the way home, I ended up carrying her most of the way.

When we got home she showed me her book that she had chosen to bring home. It was ‘The Gruffulo’ Her favourite book. So I’ve got to read that with her to help her learn to read.

And that is pretty much our day, later on was just the usual, dinner, clean up, chill and bed.


She had to have a certain uniform, only a polo top with a logo on, £8 each. It’s blue and she looks so cute in it.

They said they aren’t too fussed on what they wear on the bottom half as long as it’s sensible, so I went to ‘Primark’ and got a couple of pairs of plain black leggings and a par of plain black jeans. I didn’t get any skirts because it’s getting colder so I will probably get her some when it starts to be nicer weather.

I am in love with her new shoes, I wanted to get a pair of nice leather trainers so they are waterproof and also easy to clean. I literally went in every shop and couldn’t find anything nice or in her size. I usually get ‘Clarks’ but I didn’t want to spend over £30 on shoes she would ruin. I went into ‘H&M’ and didn’t have much hope but straight away I saw a couple of pairs of trainers and they had her size, so I let her try them on and she chose the pair she liked. £13 what a bargain. (By the way, she got them covered in paint the first day so glad I didn’t spend a fortune).

She also had to have wellies to leave there, my mum got them which was nice of her. I packed an all in one rain coat as well just in case she goes out in the rain one day, she won’t get her clothes all wet or muddy.

Her feelings towards pre school

Just before she went to bed we had a little cuddle and a chat and I was asking her all about her day, if she liked it and was excited to go back tomorrow. All she said was ‘I love it’ then she asked for her book. She sat up in bed for a little bit going through her book, all I could hear was her laughing and then screaming ‘ahh scary’. She went to sleep pretty quickly, which makes a change.


Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I will feel less anxious because now I know how much she enjoyed herself.

Let me know how you coped when your little one started pre school or school.

Thanks you for reading xxx


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