How much is my face worth?

Hey lovelies,

I’ve seen a few blogs recently about ‘how much is my face worth?’ so I thought I’d join in on the hype. If you don’t know what it is, basically, you just work out how much your everyday beauty products cost all together. Pretty simple really. I was really intrigued to see how much my everyday make up looks actual has cost me.

The products I have included in this are what I use as my normal everyday look, some are high end some are drugstore.

So let’s get into it!!


The moisturiser I use is the ‘Nip+Fab Kale fix’ I love this. I have actually done a post all about it which you can find Here. So this costs £14.95 from most places, It does vary for price depending where you get it from. img_2977


For primer I use the ‘Estee Lauder illuminating primer’ it’s a lovely primer, makes you look really glowing and gives you really smooth skin. It’s perfect for making you look nice and dewy. This costs £25, you can get it from most high end stores, I got mine from Debenhams.img_2978


Another Estee Lauder product, This is the Double wear, I love this it looks so flawless on the skin, has amazing medium coverage. It’s really quick drying and stays there all day. This costs £32.50 again I got this from Debenhams.img_2979


I have found the best concealer for me is actually only £3.99, It’s the ‘Collection Lasting perfection concealer’. I find this has amazing coverage and blends really well without looking cakey.img_2980


I can not go a day with out contouring my chubby face, so I use ‘Revolution ultra contour palette’ It’s amazing for only £8.00. It comes with 3 contour powder shades, 3 highlight powder shades and 2 shimmer highlight shades. This is definitely my go to contour palette. img_2982


You may notice I am loving Estee Lauder recently. The bronzer I use is the ‘Estee Lauder Bronzed goddess’ It’s amazing, blends really well and has a really light shimmer to it which makes your skin look really bronzed and glowy. This is the most expensive bronzer I have ever used, so I was expecting a lot from it. £34.00, again from Debenhams.img_2983

Eye brows

For my eyebrows I use two products, First one is the ‘Collection eyebrow kit’ which has 3 colours in, blonde, medium and dark. It also comes with an double ended applicator brush and a gel. which is amazing for just £3.99. ‘ve used this for ages and wouldn’t use anything else. The second product I use is the ‘Loreal Brow artist plumper’ this is a brow gel that has fibres in to give you a fuller looking brow, I use this to set my brows as well as make them look fuller. This is only £5.49 which I think is great value.img_2989


I don’t wear eye shadow everyday because with 2 children doing my make up is hard enough so I like to do it as quick as I can. I don’t wear eye liner for this exact reason either. However, most days I will put a bit of shadow on wether that’s just a bit in the crease or a full on eye look. My go to palette at the moment is the ‘I Heart make-up Chocolate palette’. This is basically a drugstore dupe for the ‘Too Faced, chocolate palette’. For £7.99 it’s amazing.img_2984


I’m loving the ‘Rimmel shake mascara’ at the moment, it gives so much volume and it’s really easy to apply with the big brush. £8.99 is actually a really good price for what you get. img_2988


My all time favourite lipstick is the ‘Mac’ Lipstick in shade brave. It’s a gorgeous pinky nude and stays on for ages. really easy to apply. This costs £16.50.


So, How much is my face worth?

Overall, my face costs £161.40 which I don’t actually think is too bad for 11 products. Works out at around £14 per product.

Thanks for reading. Let me know how much your face is worth in the comments.





11 Replies to “How much is my face worth?”

  1. This was such an interesting post and the first I’ve seen like this! I use the same contour kit and cannot live without it! The other products I have not used but they sound great!

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