August Loves & Loathes

Hey all,
I’m back with an August loves and loathes, I was going to do my faves but decided I’d add in a couple of things I’ve not been loving so much.


Jimmy Choo  Blossom perfume (£36.00) – My all time favourite perfume recently is by far this one. I’m literally in love with it. It has a really nice fruity floral scent, Hence the name blossom haha, but honestly it smells so good and lasts for ages. The bottle is also gorgeous, It’s like a really light lilac purple at the top and gradually gets more pink towards the bottom. My only problem is that there’s not enough in the bottle, It’s almost all gone 😦 so I will be buying another one very soon. I might try out the new one though.

Revolution Lip kit (£6.00) – I was a bit hesitant to try this out because every ‘Matte’ lip gloss I’ve tried hasn’t dried matte. However, this was amazing. I got it in the colour ‘Reign’ which is a nice nudey pink tone and looks gorgeous on. So, basically this is meant to be a dupe for the ‘Kylie lip kit’ and honesly it’s pretty close. It’s really smooth on the lips, really pigmented and it dries matte and lasts for most of the day. My only problem is it does stay quite sticky/ tacky for about 15 minutes but once it’s dry you barely notice it’s on your lips. Also, It doesn’t feel really drying on the lips. For £6 it’s definitely a good buy, You get a lip gloss and pencil, can’t go wrong really I highly recommend it.

Ted Baker hand cream (£3.00) – I actually got this in a gift box as a Christmas present a couple years ago from my partner, but I’ve never really had dry skin and never really used hand moisturiser. So I only opened it in June time. This summer I have noticed I had quite dry chapped hands, not sure why, so I started using it to see if it would help and at first it did make my hands burn a little and quite itchy. After a couple of uses my hands started to feel so soft and after a couple of weeks of using it my hands haven’t been dry at all. So it does it’s job. Also, the smell is divine, it’s a really floral smell. The lotion it’s self is actually a really nice light pink and it goes on to the skin so smoothly and dries pretty much instantly. For £3 it’s amazing.

I Heart Make-up Lip Lava (£2.99) – Again, this was another gift, I got it for my birthday. I had heard of ‘I heart makeup’ but hadn’t seen or heard anything about the lip lava so had no idea what to expect. I got the pinky colour, It doesn’t have a colour name on the packaging. My first thoughts were that it was like a lip plumper because of the ‘lava’ part of the name, And honestly, when i put it on I did feel like my lips were tingling a bit. Just so you know it’s not a lip plumper. It’s basically just a liquid lipstick. It has a flocked applicator which applies amazing and glides on the lips. It’s really pigmented and creamy. It looks quite matte on the lips but it doesn’t dry so it feels quite moisturising. Great product.


Maybelline Vivid Matte Lip Stick (£7.99) – I have tried 2 colours ‘nude flush’ and ‘possessed plum’ and they are nice colours. The applicator is a normal lip gloss wand but the tip is a lot longer than most, So I found it was harder to apply it neatly, I found because it was quite long I over drew my lips and just found it looked really messy. Secondly, The product it’s self is really graining and just doesn’t feel nice and smooth. Finally, It does go quite matte but it just feel way too much like a thick lip gloss rather than a matt lip gloss. If I was to get a product like this I’d go for the lip lava 100 times, It’s just so much nicer on the lips with pretty much the same finish, plus, it’s loads cheaper.

Revolution Strobe Highlighter (£3.00) – For the price I do think it’s pretty good and it does have quite a nice glow to the skin. However, For a highlighter I think there’s loads more for a similar price that are better. I got it in ‘Ever glow lights’ and I just found it waaaayy too white and not much of a glow, kind of just looked like I smeared some baby powder on my face and forgot to wipe it off. So yeah, Not my favourite product.

Avon duo stick (£6.00) – I actually used to be an avon rep, But I stopped because I found most of the products I didn’t like myself so I didn’t want to make out I did if that makes sense. I have a few products I do really love, But most just aren’t for me. For example this product, I got this for free and If I had paid for it I would have been sending it back. It’s a duo stick, one end is a cream blush and the other is a cream highlighter. The blush is quite a pretty colour but it doesn’t blend at all, I tried blending with my fingers, a sponge and a brush and it just kept moving around didn’t blend out which was a shame. If it had blended out nicely I would be putting it in my loves because the colour is gorgeous. The highlight is like a pinky glowy tone, But when I swatched it you just couldn’t even see it, There was no pigment on the skin and no glow at all, you can see there’s something on you but doesn’t look like a highlighter at all. Also, the highlighter, when you apply it on top of your foundation it takes the foundation off. So I wouldn’t get this if you’re looking for something like this.

Maybelline brightening booster (£4.99) – I struggle to find a concealer to highlight under my eyes because I’m so pale. So when I saw this I got so excited. I got it in the shade 01 WHITE. When I swatched it I was so happy it was the perfect colour and was excited to try it out. I applied it straight to my under eyes, nose and forehead and blended out with a sponge. It seemed liked it blended okay then when I looked closer It had literally just caked up and had like sank into my pores. It just looked awful on my skin. It made my face look really dry. So I tried to blend it with a brush and the just moved the product around and took all the foundation off underneath. So finally I tried to put it onto the sponge and blend it out like that, but as its like a cream pen it was hard to get it onto the sponge, I did find this blended out the best but it still just looked really cakey and dry. Won’t be using this again, I’m sticky to my collection concealer.


So that was all my loves and loathes, hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe helped if you was wanting to try these out. Let me know what you think of these products and if you had the same experience or different!

have a good day 🙂 x



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