September Birchbox

Hey lovelies,

It’s Birchbox timeeeeee!!!!

After receiving my first box last month, which was full of amazing stuff, I was so excited to see what was in this months box.

So this month Birchbox done a collab with Oliver Bonas. Oliver Bonas is a British lifestyle store which sells; fashion, homeware, jewellery etc which is all about great design and fresh thinking. So because of the collab, this month you got to choose a box you wanted, either a white one or a pink one. I chose the white one.

So let’s get into what I got in my box…

Everyone received 2 products that were the same this month, the Polaar IcyMagic and the Manna Kadar 3 in 1.

  1. Polaar IcyMagic Instant Eye Contour Energiser (sample) –  This is a soothing roll-on for under your eyes, it contains a cooling gel formula that’s packed with brightening ginseng to tone and rejuvenate your under eye area quickly. Perfect for mum that haven’t had much sleep. Basically you just roll it under your eyes from inner to outer, morning and night. This generally does feel really nice and cooling on your eyes and made mine feel a little tight. It definitely took away a bit of my puffiness. The RRP is £22, I don’t know how big the full size product is but I’m not 100% I will be purchasing once the sample has ran out.
  2. Dr.PawPaw Original Clear Balm (sample) –  This is basically a moisturising balm which can be used for more than just your lips. It contains Fermented PawPaw (never heard of it) which is aparently a fruit that has natural healing ingredients that gives this balm a multiple of hydrating uses. So you can use this as a lip balm or a moisturiser. You can soothe split ends and sunburn, you can use it on your cuticles or wherever you need moisture you can use it there. When I tried this I wasn’t sure what to make of it, I’d never heard of pawpaw fruit and had no idea how it would soothe sunburn. Honestly, The size of the sample you wouldn’t be able to use it for sunburn. However, It smells lovely, I tried it out on my cuticles, made them feel alright. Tried it on my sunburn on my legs and it did soothe it really well. I also tried it on my lips and it actually made my lips feel quite sore, because it’s so moisturising I was rubbing my lips together a lot. The RRP is £6.95, I have heard the full size bottle is really big so I think I might order this when the sample has ran out because it smells lovely and is really moisturising.
  3. Manna Kadar Fantasy 3 in 1 (FULL SIZE) – This is what everyone received in their boxes this month, It’s basically a highlighter, blusher and eye shadow in 1 little compact. Considering this is full size, it’s absolutely tiny. The colour though, is gorgeous, it has a beautiful glow to it. Personally it doesn’t suit me as a blusher, but I love it as a highlight or eye shadow. It has a pinky, rose gold tone to it. The RRP is £15 and honestly I think that’s ridiculous, yes it gorgeous and I will use it, but I couldn’t justify spending £15 on such a tiny product.
  4. ARROW BOOST Colour Enhancing Lip Balm (FULL SIZE) – SERIOUSLY, another lip balm!! I was pretty annoyed when I saw I had received 2 lip balms in one box. This is a lip balm that adjusts to your unique pH to create the perfect hue for your lips. It contains mango seed butter to hydrate and protect lips. So I tried this out anyway, even though I was annoyed and honestly, I love it. It’s so moisturising and smells delicious and I just love how it changes colour on my lips, It went a really natural pink. It’s perfect for a quick make up look when your don’t have time to put a lipstick on all you have to do is wipe this across your lips and it’s done. The RRP for this is £11 which I do think is expensive for a lip balm, but it’s really good. I’d definitely buy it again.
  5. Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle (sample) – This is a leave in conditioner which detangles, minimises frizz, protects colour and adds shine to all hair types. It’s also free from parabens and sulphates. You literally just spray it onto clean damp hair and then comb and style as usual. I tried this out after my shower, and usually my hair knots up really bad and I struggle a lot to brush my hair usually takes me around 30 minutes, but this really did do everything it says and it took me more than half the time it usually takes me, which is amazing. The RRP for the full size of this product is £18.50 which again I heard is a pretty decent sized bottle, so I do think I will be re-purchasing this.

So that was everything. Hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know what you got in your box this month in the comments!!

If you haven’t heard of birchbox make sure you go check out my last post, has everything you need to know about it I got my first Birchbox

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Also, Here’s a 15% off code for BB067A3M

Have a good day!!

“Work hard, Play hard & Be kind”




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