How Pre-School saved me

Hey Lovelies, Hope you’re all doing well

It’s the end of week 2 already, how has the past 2 weeks gone so quickly? It’s crazy doesn’t feel like yesterday she was a tiny baby sleeping in my bed. She’s grown into such an amazing clever little girl and I’m so blessed that’s she’s mine and I get to watch her grow into an amazing adult.

This week was a lot different to the first week, They don’t really seem to tell you how she’s been getting on or what’s she’s been doing. I asked them on Friday how she’s been getting on and they said she’s been playing really well and sharing. She’s made a couple of new friends which is great. She’s come home with a sore throat and already given it to me. Literally, 2 weeks and she’s already caught something, I thought everyone was being over the top when they said your children catch everything at nursery.

I have loved getting into a routine and It’s also got me out the house which is good. Due to how bad my anxiety has been over the last few months I’ve barely been out unless I have really had to. So, having to get up and get ready and take her to pre school everyday is really helping me. I have a lot of bad days and panic before I have to leave, I get really hot and clammy when I’m waiting at the gate to drop her off or pick her up. I’m not sure if that will ever go, I hope it will because I don’t want to feel on edge all the time or constantly scared I’m going to pass out. Anxiety can be such a scary thing and for me to be able to say to myself I have managed to go out every single day for 2 weeks, is such an achievement. So really my daughter going to pre school has saved me.

Weekly Diary Entry

Monday – Got up and ready, Took LG to preschool, Got home and made lunch for me and LB. He went for a nap and I got tidied up. We then got ready to pick LG up, On the way I felt really weird, Went really dizzy and clammy and felt like I was going to have a panic attack. Don’t even know why. Picked her up and went home. We just had a chilled afternoon. She got a new school book to read ‘Cinderella’ So we sat down and had a read of that. She loves her books.

Tuesday – Today my period came on, I had a lot of pain and felt really sick. I got up and made kids breakfast, made LG’s packed lunch, brushed their teeth, god them both dressed and ready for the day then went straight back to bed. Luckily my partner was off work and offered to take LG to pre school so I could rest and go to sleep. I made some pasta for us for lunch, put LB for a nap. My partner picked LG up from nursery. She came home looking very tired and said she had played in the play house. She was that tired I didn’t get much out of her.

Wednesday – I woke up feeling so motivated, I think it was from all the rest the previous day. I got up done the normal morning routine, Breakfast, make pack up, teeth, get ready take LG to pre school. Got home made us lunch, He went for a nap and I prepped our dinner, cleaned everywhere, hoovered and steamed the floors and managed to write up 3 blogs posts. I then had to get sorted to do the pick up. It takes about 15 minutes to get there from where we live and at 2:50 we finally left so I was literally running to get there on time, managed to get there 2:59. She had a really good day playing with a little girl called poppy, they played with the dolly’s today.

Thursday – I had an awful nights sleep, so I woke up so tired and didn’t want to move. Done the usual morning routine. LG didn’t even say bye when I dropped her off today she just ran in and got her lunch out. It’s so nice how well she has settled in. Got home and we had a really nice chilled out afternoon. My phone was broken so I was trying to figure out how to use my old one. Pick LG up. She had another really good day and ate all her lunch which was a first.

This is what my phone looked like

Friday – Fairly busy day today, Normal morning routine, plus lots of moaning from LG because she didn’t want to wear her shoes. My anxiety was really chilled today. When I got to there I had to stand and wait because I was 5 minutes early, Usually I go dizzy and feel sick and panic a lot, but I felt really chilled out. After I dropped her off I went to tesco to buy a sim card for the phone I was using and some credit. The woman had no idea what she was doing, I told her I needed a nano sim and she was certain it was but said if not I can cut it to the right size. Got home and it was the wrong size and couldn’t cut it to size because it was still to big so I was really annoyed that I had just wasted money. Rand up the phone company and they said they would change my contract sim to pay as you go but would take upto 24 hours which meant even longer with no phone. All I kept thinking was something bad is going to happen and I can’t contact anyone. I then thought I might as well just unlock my phone and use my normal sim, but that takes up to one week. Luckily, when my partner got home he decided to just take my phone and get it fixed. So I can now relax, I have a working phone and can actually see the screen. I also picked up some new zoflora scents from poundstretcher as well which I’m excited to try out. Spoke to the teachers at pre school and they said she’s really improving on her communication skills and is getting better at listening. When she started they kept telling me she wouldn’t listen to them. So it’s good to know that she’s doing as she’s told.

Thank you so much for reading. And thank you for all your support, I reached 130 followers this week which is crazy, I never expected to get 10 followers so thank you all so much 🙂

Until next time


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