Nip + Fab Contour kit review

Hey lovelies,

I’m back with another product review, This time it’s the ‘Nip+Fab Travel Kit’ which is basically a contour kit.

I received this is as a present for my birthday and couldn’t wait to try it out, I love all the Nip+Fab products I have tried so far so I had high hopes. Straight away I knew there would be one problem with it, my sister got me the ’02 medium/dark’ and I’m very pale so I knew it would most likely be really dark for me. I’m keeping in mind the colour may not be 100%.

What do you get?

In the palette you get 3 colours, a highlighter (Sunbeam), a blush (Vixen) and a contour shade (Truffle). The size of each product is a really good size, It’s literally like the size of my thumb! image3 (1)

  • The Highlighter – It’s a gorgeous golden colour, It’s really pigmented and glows like a goddess!! I love the colour of the highlighter and it actually looks really nice on me, it doesn’t look to dark at all it sort of works with my skin tone. Which is good, I was worried that it would look like I smeared a gold streak on my face. However, it blends really well into the skin and doesn’t look chalky or powdery like some powder highlighters. image4 (1)
  • The Blush – I knew straight away the blush would be way to dark, I tried it out anyway and it is a gorgeous colour, blends really well and would look lovely for an Autumn/ Winter blush. I have actually been using this as an eyeshadow because I didn’t want it to go to waste, and Oh My! It looks stunning!!! The colour is a really nice dark/warm pinky/red. image5
  • The Contour – Again, The contour shade is a bit dark for me, but if I only touch the brush in and blend it out well it’s perfectly fine to use. It blends really nicely and looks flawless, it’s really pigmented and a gorgeous colour. I have also used this as an eye shadow and again it looks really nice. It’s quite a warm brown and it is very buildable. image6


Pretty much all of the Nip+Fab products have the same sort of packaging, all the make up is basically the same anyway. It’s half black, half white, with black writing on the white side and white writing on the black side. Really simple but looks good. The white has started to scratch off, It doesn’t bother me, but I know it would annoy some people. On the back it has the names of the colours of each powder product, has the shade and also included how long you should keep it for once opened (12 months). Inside it has a really nice long mirror at the top and then the 3 shades n a row on the bottom. Very simple. There are no brushes included.


Price? Is it worth it?

The travel palette costs £9.95 which is pretty good price for 3 powder products plus a mirror. Considering some of the moisturisers are around £20 I think it’s a reasonable price. Yes, I do think it’s worth it, I love this palette. I’m definitely going to get the one in shade light/medium and try out the shades for that and see what they are like on my skin. I do really struggle to find Contour shades that suit me because of how pale I am.

So Yes, I highly recommend this product. If you are looking for something fairly cheap and good quality then I’d go for this!

Thank you for reading, I just want to add, All opinions are my own and this is not sponsored.

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  1. The highlighter looks lovely! Have seen Nip+Fab but never really bought much from them. Thank you so much for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky, I hope you can join in again next week 🙂 xxx

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