Potty Training at 21 months

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve taken the plunge!! We have started potty training our little boy.

As soon as you buy that potty it makes you realise how much your baby is growing up, soon enough he will be running around in his little underwear and no more nappies. So emotional, but no more spending a fortune on nappies.

We got him his potty about a month or so ago, He had started taking his nappy off and going to the bathroom. He weed on the bathroom floor and had also climbed onto the toilet a couple of times, so we thought maybe he was ready to start potty training.

With my daughter she was scared of her potty, so we got her a sticker chart to try and encourage her, we tried treats for when she went on her potty and done anything and everything to help her out. Nothing really worked, she went on it every now and then but she would wait until a nappy was put on her until she would do anything. She barely had any accidents on the floor which was good. She literally just woke up one morning when she was 28 months old and just went on her potty and she has been potty trained ever since. So I’m kind of hoping he will be the same. I’ve heard a lot about potty training boys, that it’s a lot harder, they take longer, they have a lot more accidents, etc. So I was quite hesitant to start too early, the last thing I want to do is rush him.

Anyway, he’s been okay going on the potty over the last month. As of yet he’s only done a couple of pee’s on it and that’s only from putting him on it when he has started too pee on the floor. He done a poo the other day (on the floor) so I quickly put him on his potty and tried to explain that, that was where we poo. He literally screamed at me, he refused to sit down and wouldn’t do it on his potty. When he was finished, we all clapped him and said well done. He was happy and has been perfectly fine on it. I have noticed, he pee’s so much, He has had so many accidents on the floor. It’s crazy the amount he goes.

So far potty training isn’t going too well, we have had a lot of problems so far;

  • He started taking his nappy off and doing his business on his floor.
  • He started taking it off in his bed, so I have been having to constantly change his bed sheets. I have got him some baby grow vests to wear in bed now so he can’t take his nappy off.
  • He knows he’s going for a pee but will still stand there and do it rather than go on the potty.

At the moment I’m just hoping that he will just wake up one day and do it like his sister, but for now I’m going to carry on letting him try it out and keep telling that’s where he goes for “pee pee” and “poo poo”.

If you have any advice for potty training boys, Please let me know.

Thank you so much for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know your potty training experiences!!

Until next time…



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