Day In My Life

Hey Lovelies,

I thought I’d do a ‘day in the life of me’ style post.

Obviously everyday for me is a lot different so I’ve chosen to write about a day that is the most normal style day.

Tuesday 19th September

I actually got a bit of a lie in, Usually I’m up at 7am. However, they didn’t wake up till 8 today. Lucky me got to wake up to one child shouting for milk and the other one came in my room and opened my eyelids demanding breakfast haha. The joys of beiing a parent!! Please say I’m not the only one this happens to?

I got up and got my little boy out of his cot. We went into the lounge, I changed his nappy and made breakfast. We had toast. As usual they both managed to make so much mess, literally the amount of crumbs that ended up on the floor was crazy. I tidied up breakfast, cleaned his highchair and the table.

Once all of that was cleaned up I went and got dressed while the kids laid on the sofa with some milk watching TV. As soon as I was dressed we all went and brushed our teeth and washed our faces. We then went into their bedroom and I got them dressed.

After that I went to the kitchen and made my little girls packed lunch ready for nursery. They were both playing in their room so I took that opportunity to do my hair and make up. Once I was ready I done LG’s hair, she wanted braids but didn’t want to sit still so felt like it took ages, then my LB comes along and tried to brush the braid I had done, made a massive mess of it so muggins over here had to redo it.

9:30am – I got my shoes on and walked up to the doctors, The kids stayed at home with there dad. I got to the doctors about 5 minutes early and if you read my previous post How Pre-School saved me you will know I suffer from anxiety. So getting there early freaked me out a bit and made me a really clammy and feel sick. I’m awful every time I go to the doctors, always have been. I get so clammy and hot, I go dizzy and feel like I’m going to pass out. It’s horrible. Anyway, I just gave my self a pep talk in my head, walked in and thankfully there wasn’t a que, the receptionist at the desk said I was next up so I felt really chilled. Sat down read a few blogs and then I went in.

After about 15-20 minutes I finished in the doctors and walked home. It felt so nice to have a nice walk just me.

I got home and the kids had completely destroyed their room so I tidied it up and picked up all their toys that had ended up everywhere. They decided to stay in their room and play so I made a cup of tea and sat and relaxed, watching ‘Celebs go dating’ until I needed to leave.

11:40am – I got the kids ready, In their coats and shoes and Packed her bag for nursery. Then Put LB in the pushchair. Got my shoes on and left for the nursery run. We had a nice slow walk and had a little chat about who she was going to play with today. Dropped her off, she ran in and sat down next to one of the little girls and I could see her chatting away. We then walked back home and made some pasta for our lunch.

After lunch I put LB to bed for a nap. I then un-loaded the dishwasher, cleaned down the sides, cleaned the bathroom and swept the floor. Once it was tidy I got dinner prepped, I made a chicken casserole using last nights left over chicken. While that was in the slow cooker I made some chocolate brownie cakes.

My partner went to pick LG up from nursery today so while he was out I got the cakes out to cool and made a chocolate icing. Made my bed, (I’d usually make it in the morning but my partner had been in it all day catching up with some sleep).

LG got back from nursery, really happy. We had cuddles and she told me what she done today, she fell over and had a little graze on her arm bless her. I put her coat and shoes away and put her lunch box in to the dishwasher. By this time the cakes were cool so I gave her the icing and left her to it.

LB then woke up, So we had cuddles on the sofa then went to their room and played with the cars. LG finished the cakes so I moved them to the side to set and then cleaned her up (she had been sat eating the icing out the bowl) and cleaned the table. She joined us in her room and we played some games and  read some books.

Me and my partner then spent a bit of well deserved time together before he went to work, we sat and watched ‘The Undateables’. The kids wanted to stay in their room and play.

5pm – I put LG’s dinner in the oven (she won’t eat casserole). Once her dinner was cooked I served it up and we all sat down to eat. Obviously, dinner can never be simple and mess free so as usual there was a lot of cleaning up to do. I cleaned the kids and then put everything in the dishwasher, washed up the slow cooker dish and wiped down the sides, table and high chair.

While I was clearing up, my partner gave the kids a quick bath and then they played indoor football, as you do. Iggle Piggle came on so they stopped and it ended up being just me and my partner messing around with the football.

7pm – Time for bed!!! I got the kids in their nappies and pjs and put them into bed. I done a last bit of tidying up and cleaning that needed doing and steamed the floor. Then made a pack up for my partner to take to work with him.

He then went to work so I was sat up chilling on my own, It was lovely and quiet. For all of 30 minutes. I watched ‘Hollyoaks’ then LG decided she didn’t want to go to bed and refused to sleep, So I facetimed my mum so she could say goodnight to her. LG ended up getting really over excited so I put her back into her bed with ‘Barbie’ on and within 5 minutes she was fast asleep. So I spent the rest of the evening in peace watching a load of programmes I wanted to catch up on and wrote up a few blog posts and checked up on social media.

I started to get tired so went and turned the dishwasher on, checked on the kids and tucked them in, got into my pjs and got into bed. I turned the TV on and started watching ‘100 year old drivers’. I ended up falling asleep half way through.

So that was my day, Wasn’t too busy. Hope it wasn’t too boring to read.

Let me know if you have similar days and if you spend evenings on your own what do you do? I get so lonely I find my self sat talking to myself haha (I’m not crazy I promise)

Thanks for reading

Untill next time…



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