My New Favourite Drugstore Foundation

Hey Lovelies,

I’m back with another review!!

My new favourite drugstore foundation is………




I have been using high end foundations for a while now and when my ‘Estee Lauder‘ foundation ran out I wanted to try a drug store brand that I hadn’t tried. I went to my local ‘Superdrug‘, tried all the brands on the back of my hand to see which foundation I preferred and which colour was the best match.

It’s always good to wait around 5 minutes before you decide the colour is a good match as a lot of foundations oxidise, which means the chemicals in the foundation react with the oxygen causing the colour to change a little bit.

I found I really liked the look of the ‘GOSH X-Ceptional wear foundation‘. I have never tried any ‘GOSH‘ products so I was intrigued to see what it was like.

A little bit about the brand

Gosh Copenhagen‘ is a cosmetics, bath&body and fragrance company based in Denmark founded in 1945. All the products are cruelty free and vegan, Which I think is really good. It was originally a pharmaceutical company. ‘GOSH‘ products are currently sold in more than 80 countries throughout the world.


The packaging for this foundation is really simple. It comes in a matte black bottle with white font. Very easy to read and stands out. It’s a squeezy bottle which I like as it’s easy to squeeze out however my only issue is when it gets to the last bit of product it’s very hard to get out. Meaning, if you want that last bit of product you will have to cut off the bottom to get to it.

The Product

I picked up mine from my local ‘Superdrug‘, They had a choice of 6 shades. It doesn’t say on their website how many shades they sell, I’m pretty sure you can’t buy off the website if you live in the UK anyway. So, I went for shade 12-Natural, It’s a more yellow toned which suited me better than the lightest shade 11-porcelain, That was too pink toned for me. The consistency is very thin, it’s not runny. It’s actually a little thick when you squeeze it out. However, when you rub it in it’s very light and smooth. I like that it’s not too thin that it runs off the back of your hand, it just stays in place. The coverage claims to be medium, I’d say it’s more light to medium. It covers my redness and dark circles but doesn’t cover any spots, freckles or blemishes very well. So, If you like foundations like that then you will like this. It is buildable, but doesn’t change the coverage that much. I personally like the medium coverage as it covers everything I want covered nicely. It has a very natural, matte finish and feels very moisturising on the skin. It claims to be long lasting, although I’d have to disagree, It probably lasted me at best 5-7 hours. It did end up looking very patchy or kind of seeped into my pores and looked really dry. I noticed that it didn’t blend to well on oily skin/ oil based moisturiser so I had to use a mattifying moisturiser. The foundation also contains Vitamin E which is amazing for the skin, it prevents free radicals which means reducing them wrinkles and keeping you looking fit, healthy and young for longer, It also has a lot of anti oxidants in which is great for the skin. Plus it’s purfume and paraben free. The smell of the foundation smells pretty much like any other, it’s not a strong smell but I wouldn’t say it smells natural.

The Price

So, This foundation is so cheap. Β£7.99 for 35ml. I was really happy when I saw it was 35ml, weird I know, But most foundations are 30ml. I think it’s a really good price for what you get. I think this is a lot like the ‘MAC face and body foundation‘ which is around Β£23.50. I don’t think there’s that much difference between them in my opinion.

Overall Opinion

Overall, I do really like this foundation. Most drugstore foundations are an awful colour match for me as they oxidise so much. However, This didn’t oxidise at all, It stayed the same colour which I loved. For me it’s my new favourite drugstore foundation. I was so impressed with it. At such a low price It’s amazing and I’d highly recommend getting it and trying it out. I do have to say though that it’s best applying with a brush as it doesn’t blend that well with a sponge. I will definitely be re-purchasing this again!!

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you have tried this out and how you got on with it.

*disclaimer: all views are my own*

Until next time…



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