Morning Skin Care Routine

I can not believe it’s October already 😱 where has the year gone? 

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So without further or do, Let’s get into it!!

Now it’s autumn my face gets really dry and I get really chapped lips, it’s horrible! So for me having a good skin care routine is important! But, Honestly, My morning skincare routine isn’t always daily, being a mum of 2 it’s hard to find that bit of time for myself. I do try and make sure I apply moisturiser and cleanse my face everyday before make up though!! So this post will be based on my main skincare routine I try and stick to, usually every other day.

Once I wake up I sort the kids out and do anything I need to do. After that’s all finished and they are settled playing I will take my self to the bathroom and brush my teeth.

I then give my face a good steam with a hot flannel, once my pores are open I like to use the ‘Clean & clear’ exfoliator scrub, then rinse it off with warm water.


Once my pores are all cleaned out I like to use the ‘L’Oreal Paris Detox & Brighten pure-clay mask’ just on my nose and chin to get rid of any black heads (I only do this once or twice a week). Leave that to dry for 10-15 mins and rinse off with a warm flannel.

picture is not my own. taken from Mine ran out yesterday so I now need to get some more!

My favourite thing about my skin care routine which I do every day without fail. Splash your face with freezing cold water. It will help close the pores after having cleaned them all out, plus it’s so refreshing for the skin. If you have dry skin this makes it feel so hydrated, just leave it to self dry, Don’t rub with a towel or pat dry.

Now my face is nice and clean I go to my room and use a moisturiser that will work for my skin that day, if my skin is dry I like to use ‘Nip+Fab kale fix’ if it’s oily I will use the ‘Sebamed mattifying cream’ both of which is have previously reviewed. SebaMed Review Nip+Fab review 

I have started using the ‘Polaar Icy Magik’ eye contour serum. It’s really refreshing under the eyes gets rid of bags and just feels amazing. Previously reviewed Polaar Icy Magik.


I will then do my make up.

So, that is pretty much my morning skin care routine. I also enjoy a nice face mask every now and then, but only on the odd ocassion maybe once a week if I have time.

If I miss doing my skin care routine in the morning I will try and make sure I do it at night.

You can check out my Evening Routine HERE

Thanks so much for reading hope you enjoyed. Let me know what your skin care routine is and your go to product to use!!


*Disclaimer* this is not a sponsored post!


Until next time…




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