Autumn Inspired Eyes

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you’re having a lovely day so far!!

I love season change not just because of the change in weather or new fashion styles but mainly for the trying out new eye looks. Autumn is by far my favourite for creating eye looks, I love all the orange, browns, khaki colours. So, I thought I’d let you in on my autumn inspired eye looks that I’ve been going for the past week or so.

The palettes I’ve been turning to are ‘Sleek 141’ it has a all glitter based shadows bar one, for autumn I only really go for the auburn/ orange shade in matte as the rest are more ‘night out’ style shades. I’ve also been using ‘I Heart Chocolate’ which has 6 matte shades and 10 glitter shades and it smells like chocolate so can’t go wrong really. There’s not many orange toned shades however, as I use the shade from the sleek palette I don’t feel like I need another.

So let’s get in to how I do my eyes.

  1. I always prep my eyes with an eye cream or moisturiser then put a concealer on the lid and blend that out so it’s nice and tacky.
  2. I then apply a base shade, I use ‘you need love’ from the ‘I heart chocolate’ palette.
  3. Once the base is done I like to use ‘Thank Friday’ as a transition shade, I Just blend it through the crease and a little bit above.
  4. This is where I turn to the sleek palette and go for the auburn shade, I apply this through the shade building it up in the outer corner and a little under the bottom lash line.
  5. After that I like to use a more beige shade, I like ‘One more piece’ a gorgeous light brown shade. I apply this just under the crease to the outer 3/4.
  6. I then like to use a darker colour to make a little bit of a smokey look, but not too much/ too dark, so I go for ‘pleasure girl’ which is a lovely chocolate brown shade. I blend this out in the outer corner and through the crease a little bit.
  7. Time for glitter. I love glitter shadows no matter what season, you can’t go wrong. In the outer corner on the lid I have been loving the shade ‘love divine’ a lovely chocolatey/purple shimmer. Just lightly blended out. Not too heavy handed as it’s very pigmented.
  8. Then finally over the whole lid I will apply ‘more!’ I like to use my finger to apply this as it makes it a lot more pigmented. 
  9. To complete the look I always use ‘Endorphin’s ready’ on the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye to highlight then I apply a thin coat of ‘MAC false lash’ mascara. 

So that Is what I do for my autumn inspired eye look, I don’t use eye liner because I get too stressed out with it and end up ruining my make up. If I have a lot of time I will use it but that is very rarely.


Thanks for reading!!

Let me know if you want a review on these ‘Morphe’ brushes.

Until next time…


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