October Birchbox Review

The month of October has arrived which means BIRCHBOX TIME!! 

Since I subscribed to Birchbox I look forward to receiving it every month. Last month wasn’t that good so I was really hoping this box would be a lot better and honestly, I was very happy with the contents of this box.
So this month they done a collab with ‘CoppaFeel’ as it’s breast cancer awareness month which I think is an amazing thing for them to get involved with and help spread awareness. I for one know I never bother to check for lumps or anything but it’s such an important thing to add to your daily routine or while you have a shower. In the box there was a sticker (I think it’s waterproof) so you could stick it in your bathroom or on a mirror so you don’t forget to ‘CoppaFeel’ it basically tells you how to check and what to look for. There was also a little card to keep in your purse or something. 

I also received a £10 off code to use in the shop which is a nice thing to get, who doesn’t love getting extra money off.

So, let’s get to the good bit and see what I got in my box…

ModelCo Contour Stick (2.1g RRP £8)

This month you got a choice of the ‘ModelCo’ contour stick or mascara, I chose the contour stick as I have loads of mascaras and I prefer trying out contour sticks. Firstly, The packaging is quite cute, bright pink with silver writing. Super simple! It has a twist function to twist the stick up which I prefer over having to sharpen it. The colour is a pretty good match, I’m very pale so was worried I’d get given one that looked like I had mud smeared across my face. However, it blended really nicely, looked really natural and flawless. It went on and blended so well over my foundation, a lot of contour sticks I’ve found move the foundation or blend into nothing. So, I was very impressed with this. The formula is super creamy and lightweight, I would definitely purchase it again. 

Anatomicals Grab your melons shower gel (50ml RRP £1.50)

So, This is a Full size Birchbox exclusive, I think ‘CoppaFeel’ might sponsor this shower gel, not 100% as it doesn’t say anywhere but there logo is on the back so I’m guessing they have worked together for this. I love the packaging, It’s bright green (fav colour) with a bright yellow lid. On the back it just tells you about the importance of knowing your breasts. The smell of this shower gel is amazing, it has a zesty scent, kind of smells like apples. It made my skin smells amazing for ages, It felt so refreshing on the skin and made it so smooth. It is a really small bottle, for £1.50 you could get a much bigger bottle of shower gel, I’d probably pay no more than 50p for it to be honest, It’s a lovely scent and everything but for £1.50 I’d want a bigger bottle.

Balance Me pure skin face wash (125ml RRP £16)

I received a 40ml sample of this face wash and when I saw it I was really happy with the sample size, A lot of samples I’ve got from Birchbox have been about 10ml So I was really impressed as this will last me quite a while. It’s a 99% natural cleanser which means it wont strip away all the moisture and goodness from your skin. It contains spruce knot extract which helps de-congest the pores, it also contains grapefruit and frankincense which refreshes, soothes and re-balances your complexion. The packaging is really nice and simple. The product it’s self is really nice it smells amazing and fruity, It’s really easy to use and doesn’t burn your face or sting your eyes if you accidentally get it in. It made my skin feel so soft and clean. I love this product it literally feels so much like a high end product I will be using this a lot and can’t wait to purchase the full size. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

R + Co Badlands dry shampoo paste (62g RRP £22)

This was another sample, 7g. Which I thought was pretty good size to be honest, It probably wont last very long but I will be re ordering as soon as it’s gone. It’s the best dry shampoo product I have ever used. I was so intrigued when I saw this I’ve never seen or even heard or dry shampoo paste. I couldn’t wait to try it out! It contains HAWAIIAN VOLCANIC ASH (how cool is that) which cleanses your scalp then zeolite powder which helps absorb excess oil and help volumise plus a load of natural oils to leave your hair super soft. The packaging is super cute, A little circular tub with a screw lid. The product is a really light grey colour. I expected it to feel like a cream but it felt more like a putty then when I rubbed it between my fingers it went a bit like an oil. I massaged it into my roots and it felt so strange, it felt like I was rubbing a powder in, I could instantly feel it giving me more volume and made my hair so soft. I love it!!


Whish coconut milk body cc cream (142ml RRP £35.25)

I don’t like this, I saw so many amazing reviews for it but I just don’t like it. From what I know CC creams are meant to be colour correcting, It also says that it has a bronze shimmer. I rubbed this into my arm before reading it and instantly my arm was glimmering, the glow was literally unreal. My arm felt so soft and the smell is fabulous. It contains organic aloe and shea butter to give you that super smooth feel. You probably wonder why I don’t like it but shimmer body creams aren’t really my thing. In the summer I like to wear body cream with a tiny shine to give me that summery glow. But this has such a strong shine to it I literally looked like I had shoved my arm up a unicorns arse! In normal day light you can’t see it only in direct sunlight or under your lights in your house. I get what they’re trying to do with the ‘restore summers forgotten glow’ but honestly, It’s too much glow for me. If it was toned down a bit then I’d love this. I’m probably more likely to use it on my face as a highlighter! Also, it didn’t correct anything for me, I put it on my dry areas, Redness and discoloured areas and didn’t do anything but add glitter and unfortunately even that amount of glitter can’t cover my redness. For £35 it’s just not for me. (Just to add, I used less than a pea size over my whole arm and the glow was literally unreal, If you like a glow, you will love this).

So, that’s it. Everything I got and my own personal review on the products. Let me know if you have used any of these and how you got on with them!

Don’t forget to ‘CoppaFeel!’

Until next time…


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