Rainy Day Activities

Hey all,

I’m sorry about there being no post on Friday, I’ve been having a bit of time off everything as I wasn’t feeling 100% last week Plus my scheduled post for Friday deleted itself and I didn’t notice til 8pm. But I’m back now ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s post is Rainy day activities for indoors and outdoors. Next week it’s half term so I thought I’d give you some idea’s of things to do.


Even though it might be raining or has been raining you don’t have to stay in, The park might be too wet to go on the swings or slide but there’s still so much more to do. Make the most of the rainy weather; Here are 4

things you can do outdoors when on rainy days…

  • Leaf Jumping+Collecting – Great thing to do when you go out for walks, just let them run wild through the leaves and pick leaves that look nice. When I take my daughter to nursery, on the way home me and my little boy always have a walk through the muddy leaves, he loves looking at them and will sit and choose one to carry home.
  • Conker picking – My favourite childhood memory I have from autumn is definitely all going to the park and trying to knock the conkers off the tress. We would come home with bag fulls and have conker fights. ( you put a conker on a string and hit each others conkers and if you knock the other persons off the string first you win) great game to play with older kids.
  • Muddy walks – Muddy walks round your village or to the woods, really tires out the kids and they will love getting muddy. You can go on a bear hunt to make it a little more fun.
  • Listen to the wildlife – When you go to the park or woods etc. let your children listen to the wildlife and see what they can see/ hear – you can make great games out of it.


I’m one to stay in all day and watch movies or do a little bit of baking on days where It’s just too miserable to go out but there’s still so much you can do indoors to keep the kids entertained so they aren’t running round wild ruining the house because they are so bored;

  • Leaf printing – If you have been out and your child has collected a tonne of leaves, don’t throw them out just yet. You can use them to do some leaf printing. Just grab out your paints and couple of brushes and they can paint the leaves and print them onto the paper. So easy to do and they will be there ages doing that.
  • Veg printing – If you haven’t got any leaves then you can cut up some vegetables, Carrots, Potatoes, broccoli etc. and do printing using that instead. Great for helping to learn shapes as well. You could even do veg and leaves.
  • Play dough – An obvious one, most kids love play dough and will sit for ages playing with it. If you don’t have any then there is loads of recipes online to make you own. You could even get the kids to help out.
  • Make slime – My 2 both love playing with slime but honestly there’s no need going to loads of effort making one with glue and all sorts, all you need s corn flour and water mixed together and it makes really fun slime. Even I like to get involved.
  • Lego – All kids love lego, no matter what age.
  • Board games – One for the older kids and adults, get out a board game and have a bit of family time all together.

So, that’s all my rainy day ideas. Hope they help you out with what to do over half term!

Let me know if you do any of them!!

Have a Lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time…



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