This Time Next Year

Hey Lovelies,

I feel like I keep telling myself I want to do this, this and this and I never do it because I forget or just change my mind.

So I decided to do this post, Tell you all what I want to be doing or have achieved by this time next year, Then I can go back to it next year and see If I have managed it.

So let’s get into it!!

This time next year on the 18th October 2018 I want to…

  • Learn to drive and possible pass my test.
  • Have a full/part time job.
  • Be moved out of our flat and live in a nice house.
  • Loose weight – Be a size 12.
  • Know more people in my area.
  • For my blog to still be going and have my own domain.
  • And finally, For me and my family to be happy and healthy.

Hopefully I manage to do them all if not then at least some!!

Thanks for reading.

Love you all!!




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