Post-Partum Body

Hey All,

Welcome back.

This is something every mum goes through, The change of their body after pregnancy and giving birth. It’s something that you don’t really think about when you first find out you’re pregnant. No one really tells you how much your body changes.

I appreciate my body so much more now that I’ve had 2 children, the woman’s body is an amazing thing and we should all be so proud of our bodies. However, I know most of us mums are far from happy with what you’re left with after wards.

Most women get stretch marks, spider veins, weight gain, back pain, pelvis issues, loose skin etc. If you don’t you’re very lucky.

A lot of women can’t lose weight after giving birth, If you do you’re very lucky.

Most women go through post natal depression, If you don’t you’re very lucky.

We can go through all the things that women go through and list all the reasons to be upset or even hate your body. However, your body is amazing, it carried your child for 9 months, it birthed your child, it fed your child. There’s a lot of women who can’t do that or don’t get to experience that. YOU ARE LUCKY!!


I was in size 6 clothes when I found out I was pregnant and all the midwives I had kept telling me “you’re going to spring right back” etc. So my whole pregnancy I wasn’t worried about getting “fat”. I didn’t get any stretch marks until I was 8 months pregnant, they suddenly just appeared and they were fairly bad. Being 16 I was worried about my appearance. I got quite upset about my body changing so much and I was really scared about what I’d be left with. After I have birth I did spring back pretty quick, I had a good diet and I done a lot of walking everyday. I was in size 8-10, I was more happy with my body than I was before I was pregnant. I was proud of my body and I loved my body. Something I never thought I’d say before having a baby.

After my 2nd pregnancy, I was a lot bigger and my bump was a lot different and I could tell I was going to be left with a lot of loose skin, I didn’t get that many more stretch marks. I used bio oil through out the pregnancy which helped a lot I think. After I gave birth I sprung back again and was in size 10 again. Obviously, That made me very happy. My body was a lot different, I had a bit of saggy skin but it wasn’t all that bad, I breast fed for 10 weeks which helped me lose weight quickly. My biggest problem with my body was the amount of weight I gained on my legs, the really bad spider veins on my legs. I was very lazy with my diet, having a toddler and new born I didn’t really have time to worry about making my self food so we had a lot of take away’s. Which I really regret now. After a few months I started gaining weight. I’d never been bigger than size 12 even when I was pregnant, so Getting into size 14 made me feel really sick, that’s when I decided I wanted to lose weight. I ate really well and done a lot of exercise for a few weeks and I started feeling better, however, I lost NO WEIGHT. My partner then got worried about me being on a ‘diet’ and I ended up going back to not being very healthy. My biggest weight was size 16. I am now size 14.

Do I blame being ‘big’ on pregnancy? No. I blame it on having a shit diet, Being a tired mum, having lazy days where all I want is chocolate. For now, this is my body. It will change eventually and I will be happy with it again.

If you are pregnant and reading this or just given birth, my one thing to stay is, remember how amazing your body is, Don’t hate it, Love it and most of all try and keep a healthy diet. It helps a lot! (however, that’s easier said than done!)

Thanks for reading.

Until next time…



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