My Labour Story

Hey Lovelies,

This week I’m going to post all about my labour stories, Today will be baby number one and next Tuesday will be all about baby number 2.

When I was pregnant I loved reading other peoples stories of the labour, it kind of helped me mentally prepare myself, So I thought i’d tell my stories and maybe help some of you worrying or that maybe want to know other experiences.

Baby Number 1 | Labour story

9:30am on Wednesday morning (My due date) I was sat watching ‘Jeremy Kyle’ and messaging a few friends on Facebook. I got a little twinge but thought nothing of it. Within 20 minutes later I was bent over on the floor leaning on the sofa, squeezing the cushions. I just remember getting these really horrible tightning cramps. My mum was at work so I rang her up and told her I thought I was in labour. She just told me to go upstairs and tell my dad, but I was so embarrassed to tell him. I’m not sure what was going through my head but didn’t want to tell him. About an hour or so later, Still bent over in pain, my mum got home. She rang up the hospital for me while I was in the bath.

A little while passed, contractions got closer so we got in the car and drove to the hospital. When we got there I got put on a monitor to check the baby’s heartbeat and had an examination and I was only 2cm dilated (they only keep you in 4cm+). So I was gutted, That wanted me to go home until the contactions got worse/ closer together. While the midwife was examining me she noticed I had lost some water, so I got booked in for a scan for the next day just to check everything was okay with the baby.

So, We went home and I just done a load of walking.

Luckily, 5pm contractions were closer together. We went to the hospital and I was 4cm dilated. I was so happy I could finally have something for the pain. I sat on the bath with the gas and air and instantly felt so much calmer, me and my mum were having a laugh. I text my boyfriend and told him I was in labour so he came to the hospital to see me.

My labour wasn’t really progressing very well so around 2am the midwife had to break my waters for me. I was laid on the beanbag holding my boyfriends hand, heard that pop and gush of water and that was it.

That was the moment my labour went from chilled to stressful. I had muconium in my water (which meant baby had pooped in me). So I got taken to a much different room, With a bed and loads of scary equipment. The pain was horrendous. My boyfriend went home and my grandma came and took his place. I was being monitored, in so much pain. I ended up screaming telling them to “just pull it out” so I decided I just wanted an epidural. Keeping still was so hard, but it chilled me out a lot. I think I must of fell asleep because there’s a big block I can not remember I just remember looking at my hand and suddenly having a canula in and having no idea where it came from.

Delivery time came around – I remember saying “I need to push” and the midwife (she was horrible) kept saying “no you don’t, you aren’t ready yet” obviously I knew my body and I knew I was ready. My grandma stepped in and held my hand and started counting with me for how long to push with each contraction. The baby’s heart beat started dropping a lot and suddenly loads of midwives, doctors, nurses came running in. My mum was just stood in the corner, she was white as a sheep. I was so scared and had no idea what was happening.

My grandma carried on helping me with when to push, it helped so much and calmed me down so much. 6.08am she was born. She was so small and just perfect. They took her over to the scales to weigh her and she pooped on the midwife.

Unfortunately, I had torn so I had to get stitched up. While that happened my mum and grandma got to share first cuddles with her. It was such a special moment having 4 generations in one room. I wouldn’t of had it any other way.

The worst but most of amazing day of my life.

Also, I never found out why I had lost water. She was healthy, good sized baby so that was all that mattered.


Labour number two will be up Next Tuesday, It’s a much better labour. Keep your eyes peeled.

Let me know if I should do an ‘After Birth’ blog.


Until Next Time…



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