Helping teach your children from home

Hey Lovelies,

I’m back with something really exciting for all you parents and even teachers. I was lucky enough that got in contact with me and sent me one of their work sheets for my daughter to try out and couldn’t wait to tell you all about it. is an online learning website for parents/ teachers/ homeschooler’s to help their child build up their knowledge and essential skills. The website has so much on for your children to learn and to help where they might be struggling at school etc. There is 30,000+ activities on the website to help build your child’s knowledge. is for children aged 2-11 which is good, I’ve seen a lot of sites that are from 5+ so for me having to children under 4 I really liked that I could get my children into learning. There is so much variety for all ages to do and learn.

So, as I said I was lucky enough to get sent one of their works sheets for my daughter to try out and I’m also able to share it with you so that you can download it and print it off to try with your child. I will put a link to that down below.

Everything has a theme which is really good, My daughter loved the ‘under the sea’ theme. There is so many themes that you can choose from as well to suit your own child.

As she enjoyed it so much I went straight onto their website and signed up, it was literally such an easy process then once you get onto it you make your childs profile. They even get to choose a character which I thought was a really nice touch. My daughter loved Penelope.

The Price is really good as well you can sign up for free but you only get limited access to the printable/ digital resources and a weekly boost, which is still good. However, For the premium which includes; Unlimited access to the printable/ digital resources (worksheets, games, workbooks, activities, songs, stories, exercises), The weekly boost, a progress tracker, guided lessons, take it on the go and DIY worksheet generator. All of that for only £9.99 a month. When I saw what you got for the price I was shook, I thought it was going to cost a bomb. You also get personal recommendations to suit your childs needs which is good. I also like that you can have more than 1 child on your account.

Take an adventure under the sea with this ocean-themed maze. Keep up the fun and swim over to for more preschool games to engage your little learner. Click the links below to print the worksheet off for your little one.

preschool_games_maze_under_the_sea (1)

preschool_games_maze_under_the_sea_answers (1) 
I highly recommend you check out their website

Thanks for reading, hope you found it useful 🙂

Until next time…

*disclaimer- this is not sponsored, all opinions are my own!


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